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Google Cloud Meets Cost and Usage Analysis

Last week, major announcements and price cuts by leading cloud vendors Google, Amazon and Microsoft clearly confirm that multi-cloud is upon us. To support this, we’ve added brand new, monitoring and analysis tools for Google Cloud Platform (in addition to our rich tool-set for cost management and optimization in AWS). Let’s have a look at… Continue reading >


Finally, Gloves Are Off In Google-Amazon Fight For Public Cloud

EC2 and GCE Pricing – It’s all About How You Slice It Urs Hölzle stated in his recent keynote, Google’s “on-demand price is lower than the 3-year reserved price of most other providers”. Guess who he was referring to. And his statement is true – in a way. Comparatively speaking, one of the most popular… Continue reading >


Google Cloud Platform introduces innovative pricing and powerful features

Google is making a big push for a top spot within the Cloud computing services arena with exciting announcements including simplified pricing, sustained-use discounts, developer tools, managed virtual machines, expanded OS support, and Real Time big data.   Simplified pricing: While hardware costs have seen a steady annual decrease of 20-30% yearly, cloud computing has… Continue reading >


Cloud Costs Deciphered. Why the Complexity? Join Cloudyn’s Vittaly Tavor at the Eminds Meetup, February 26

Vittaly (Vit) Tavor, who is responsible for the company’s strategic roadmap definition and product development, will speak at the Multi-Cloud Architecture Workshop to be hosted in Google Campus TLV, and will present Cost Performance issues in a Multi-Cloud Environment. Vit will present various cloud cost issues – from migration from on-premise to the cloud, through… Continue reading >