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The Incomparable Cloud – Or is it Really?

When a friend of mine shared this image on LinkedIn it reminded me of Cloudyn’s philosophy to developing cloud cost management tools in a rapidly evolving, multi-cloud space. Everyone knows it’s hard to make a one-to-one comparison between cloud platforms. But while some folks use this as an excuse for not even trying, we take… Continue reading >


The Multi-Cloud: Who Really Cares?

Since we rolled out Cloudyn for Google Cloud, we’ve gotten lots of feedback, including some questions about why companies should be considering multi-cloud deployments, especially if they are content with their current provider. But while there is truth to the statement “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, simply being content or satisfied in today’s… Continue reading >


Cloud Costs Deciphered. Why the Complexity? Join Cloudyn’s Vittaly Tavor at the Eminds Meetup, February 26

Vittaly (Vit) Tavor, who is responsible for the company’s strategic roadmap definition and product development, will speak at the Multi-Cloud Architecture Workshop to be hosted in Google Campus TLV, and will present Cost Performance issues in a Multi-Cloud Environment. Vit will present various cloud cost issues – from migration from on-premise to the cloud, through… Continue reading >


Amazon and Google – The Cloud Race Begins

With AWS’ EC2 product driving roughly 65% of Amazon’s cloud revenue, it comes as no surprise that when Google launched their public cloud, GCE (Google Compute Engine), or Google’s alternative to EC2 took center stage . As Google has the global infrastructure and deep pockets needed to compete with AWS, GCE will likely become a… Continue reading >


Cloudyn Now Supports Google Compute Engine

Today is an exciting day for us Cloud Guardians at Cloudyn. We have embarked on a whole new cloud adventure with our launch of Cloudyn for Google Compute Engine. While we continue to broaden and deepen our tools for AWS cost monitoring and optimization, the rising tide of Google cloud customers will now also be… Continue reading >