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reserved instances in Amazon AWS

Not Only EC2 – 5 More AWS Services That Can Be Reserved

One of the main reasons most companies move their IT services to the cloud is to save money. With AWS, it is common knowledge that EC2 Reserved Instances exist at a discount compared to the On-Demand rate. RDS is another well-known service which can be reserved, reservations which were analyzed in our previous post. However,… Continue reading >


[VIDEO] AWS’ New Reserved Instances: What They Are and How You Benefit

Around 5 years ago, Amazon introduced Reserved Instances (RI). This created a way for Amazon to increase capacity while achieving longer customer commitment. It seemed like a win-win situation. Amazon provided significant usage discounts ranging between 25-35% of the cost of on-demand instance prices in exchange for varying levels of commitment with only one type… Continue reading >


Get a grip on your instance usage patterns with Instances Over Time

Staying on top of your cloud consumption is essential for ensuring proper usage, utilization and capacity planning. Cloudyn’s Instances Over Time is an intuitive tool that provides both an aggegated view of all your instances across multiple clouds – public, private and hybrid – along with the ability to drill down by any relevant criteria…. Continue reading >


How Cloud Ninjas Slash EC2 Costs with Unused Reservations?

So you’ve done your homework, analyzed your AWS cost drivers and have added Reserved Instances to your AWS deployment portfolio, expecting your EC2 costs to drop. But just because the hourly rates are discounted for instances running as reserved, these savings are not always automatic. While in your AWS console RIs will always have a… Continue reading >


A Trip Down Memory Lane – Cloudyn’s Best Tips, Tricks & Cheats of 2013

Before bidding a final farewell to 2013 we wanted to share highlights from our top five most popular blog posts of the year that shed light on which trends will likely be hot in 2014. How to Measure Organizational Accountability: Who Left the (Cloud) Lights On? In the world of cloud computing, identifying the source… Continue reading >

How to Amortize Your EC2 Reserved Instance Cost

In the world of AWS billing, there are different types of payments – one-time fees, recurring usage charges, and usage fees that are charged upfront. When it comes to managing your cloud cost and capacity, this level of variety can create some confusion. Do You Know Where Your One-Time Fees are? When you purchase Amazon… Continue reading >

EC2 Light Reservations ≠ Light Utilization

When I discuss Amazon’s EC2 Reserved Instances with customers, invariably there is some confusion regarding how pricing and utilization all works out. Understanding these points is a crucial step in realizing the full benefits of public cloud cost-efficiency. So even if you are an AWS expert, please share this post with folks that might benefit… Continue reading >