When Ticketmaster moved to the Public Cloud

May 17 2017 | by Laurie Ben-Haim

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Despite the widespread adoption of the cloud, when a company—especially a large F500—decides to embark on a wholesale transition to the cloud, there are many unknowns and challenges. To make the most of such a big technology investment requires the company to answer questions like: How do we report on value of cloud operations? How do we put our thumb on what made us do better overall as a business?

Take the experience of one of our customers, Ticketmaster — who was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. The global market leader in ticketing, Ticketmaster connects consumers across the globe to more than 12,000 clients delivering live entertainment across multiple categories: music, sports, theater, the arts, as well as family and special events. Ticketmaster ranks among the world’s top e-commerce sites, with 80 million unique visitors monthly, and the company sees over 60% of traffic coming from mobile.

When Brent Eubanks, VP of TechOps Technology Optimization at Ticketmaster, and his team embarked on an optimization toolkit platform journey to enable the public cloud stakeholders to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, and use IT resources “just in time” and “just enough” he knew that visibility — as well as the capability to harness data — would be crucial elements to the company’s ultimate success in the cloud. That’s because the transition from viewing IT as a fixed asset to a cloud-based, elastic utility required new ways of operating, new habits, revamped mindsets for running technical and business operations, and a reliable showback model for accounting and reporting IT budgets.

But nailing visibility is not always easy. Ticketmaster needed to be sure its transition from a mixed colocation/public cloud to a purely public cloud model (AWS) was delivering the success metrics the product teams hoped to achieve. Brent and his team also needed to make sure any new technology or resource optimization measures would continue to deliver high-quality user experiences to fans while getting top value for its IT effort.

And that’s where Cloudyn came in. Ticketmaster selected Cloudyn’s multi-cloud management and optimization solution to provide much needed visibility and tackle its efficiency and optimization challenges of transitioning from its hybrid colocation and cloud strategy to a fully public cloud with AWS.

How? Using Cloudyn, Ticketmaster’s Technology Optimization team enabled a cascade of role views by many end users to monitor cloud performance, usage and showback to measure, share and improve optimization efforts. Cloudyn is being used across all AWS accounts in both Ticketmaster and Live Nation organizations globally. The Cloudyn application has been integrated into the organizations’ Single Sign On systems to enable insight into IT resources to efficiently manage IT, forecast cloud usage to identify projected costs in relation to product growth, and increase visibility into expenditure breakdowns based on business units.

So far, the results have been impressive; Ticketmaster has seen individual workloads optimized by 56-77%. They have seen business metrics such as budget variance and inventory forecasting improved by 42-64%. From a global view across all products and accounts, Ticketmaster has seen improved technical metrics including workload optimization and RI planning and purchasing change from a trending increase in cost per GB RAM Hour of 4% month over month to seeing a 15% reduction. Simply put, with Cloudyn, Brent and his team can answer the important questions. Brent sums up Cloudyn’s impact in a quote from our Ticketmaster case study –which was recently published.

“With Cloudyn, we can answer critical questions and use the cloud much more effectively. By going through multiple levels of optimization we have been able to improve our efficiency, and enhance our cloud environment to meet our business goals. Whether it’s product owners, senior directors, or C-level executives, they get immediate measurement in an intuitive dashboard. That’s how massive Cloudyn’s role is for a company considering a move to the cloud, undergoing a company-wide digital transformation, and building a data-driven culture.”

Cloudyn will be hosting a webinar together with Ticketmaster, entitled: Ticketmaster’s Journey to AWS with Cloudyn on May 24 at 9:00AM PT, 12:00PM ET and 17:00 GMT. To register, click here.


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