Transforming IT Problems into IT Opportunities

June 13 2012 | by Zev Schonberg BYOD, Cloud, Cloud Cost Management, CoIT

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Despite the major advantages that cloud computing brings to the business world, there is still significant resistance to adoption from IT professionals. The reason for this is due in large part to IT governance being more of a challenge in the cloud environment. Security, resource allocation and ROI are more difficult to control and of course, when not properly managed, can undermine many of the benefits that the cloud offers.

However as Bernard Golden notes in his recent article, IT Innovation Won’t Be Slowed by Cloud Concerns, “Those who continue to deem the cloud ‘rogue IT’ fail to see the forest for the trees”.  While acknowledging that large enterprises “face enormous challenges in trying to respond to the new developments in IT”, Golden argues that the “availability and use of vastly scalable, highly dynamic shared resources” found in the cloud is making it a basic necessity for business innovation and growth, much like the air we breathe.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of cloud computing.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

In a perfect world, all business units within an organization would be completely aligned on all issues. But the reality is that there are often multiple and sometimes opposing agendas at play. This creates a situation where benefits for one business group could be problems for another.


When dealing with cloud services, the IT group wants to ensure application maintainability, proper integration with other applications and well-designed security measures. On the other hand, business units are looking for quick time to market, cutting-edge technology and agility that will allow for greater business opportunities.

When IT and the business units don’t coordinate efforts and IT is not properly involved in managing cloud services (or even worse, completely circumvented), the short term business gains, while incredibly valuable, could actually lead to long-term losses that completely undermine any initial benefits.

BYOD and CoIT – It’s all in the Attitude

In regards to similar IT issues, Brian Katz writes in his article Opportunity Knocks, about CoIT or the consumerization of IT and how enterprises should be approaching the issue. He maintains that it’s all in the attitude. If companies look at BYOD and CoIT as a problem, well, then they really do have a problem.

On the other hand, if they approach it as an opportunity to make their employees happier and more productive, dealing with the inherent difficulties will be easier. Working with an open mind and a strategic perspective, they will be better equipped to meet the challenges head on and find innovative solutions.

The same holds true for the cloud. The bigger picture points to the cloud delivering ever-increasing opportunities in so many different industries. Starting to focus on the positives is the first step to success. However, as mentioned above, there still are many IT issues that need to be ironed out to ensure sustainable short-term and long-term business growth

The question then is how can IT and business work together to achieve this?

Shadowing the Shadow – Cloud Adoption and Business Innovation Made Easy

Here at Cloudyn we are working with CIOs, IT groups and relevant business units, in numerous industry verticals, all with millions of dollars in cloud spend.  We are helping them get a handle on their cloud activities and in particular gain insight into shadow IT within their cloud consumption.

And one of the most amazing results we’ve found is that when IT has more insight into every aspect of cloud consumption, the business side of the organization gains the most.  For example, projects that were shelved due to prohibitive computing costs became financially viable overnight and were launched with newly discovered, unused and idle cloud capacity.

To discover how Cloudyn can help you align your business objectives with your IT requirements – contact us today!

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