The Untagged Ones – Identifying Uncategorized EC2, RDS and EBS Resources

August 21 2014 | by Zev Schonberg EC2

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Cloud resource tagging holds great potential and promise, yet currently it isn’t as intuitive, usable and practical as cloud consumers would hope. To meet the needs of enterprises with cloud deployments, Cloudyn is continuously innovating and improving features within its solution that support tagging and cost allocation. Here are some recent enhancements that add great value for tag management.

Are your tagging policies being followed?
Keeping cloud usage and the associated cost organized in neat little boxes is the dream of any manager with P&L responsibilities. That’s why it’s important to create policies and standards for tagging the resources being used by different business units and other groups.

However, a frequent reality for many companies is that tagging policies and procedures are not adhered to in a consistent manner (if at all). That’s why Cloudyn now is automatically showing which resources have not been tagged.

In the screenshot below you can see that “Untagged” EC2 instances comprise 20% of the total.

new tag stuff1 (2)

Hunting down untagged instances and volumes
Once you know that you have untagged resources, you need to figure out exactly which instances or volumes need to be dealt with. As shown below Cloudyn allows you to search for untagged resources based on your existing tags. Once you’ve identified the “untagged” ones, you will be able to figure out which templates or scripts are not following your tagging policy and get to work on updating them as needed.


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