What’s New at Cloudyn?

April 27 2017 | by Hilik Paz

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At Cloudyn, we work consistently to improve our cloud management platform for our wide range of customers. From Enterprises to Managed Service Providers (MSPs)/Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), our customers have grown dependent on our easy-to-use multi-cloud business management tool for managing and optimizing their cloud usage and spend.

We’ve recently announced several new features to our multi-cloud management software, some of which were developed in response to customer requests, and others which fall under the “general improvements” category.


Cost Report Grouping by Date

For starters, Cloudyn has added the capability to create cost reports by dates. This feature, which was added in response to customer requests, provides our customers with additional flexibility in the way that they choose to view and group data, (per day, week, month, quarter, year, day of week, day of month, month of year, or week of year) and also enables them to simply compare different time periods on the same graph. This upgrade also improves the overall user experience.

Self-Service Whitelabeling

We’ve introduced a new self-service whitelabeling option which is available for eligible customers, including CSPs who may choose to use their own branding, and/or offer the option to their customers, and includes adding company colors and logos. This new feature is very intuitive, enabling customers to initiate the process by themselves, without any intervention from Cloudyn. We are working to continue development on the overall process, in order to enable a more streamlined experience for our customers.

Category Manager

The Category Manager is a new feature that has been made available to all customers. The Category Manager was developed by Cloudyn to help users to tag their resources in a clear and consistent way. In enterprises where thousands of virtual machines may be running from different cloud providers, the way that resources are tagged is particularly important so that they can be easily defined, managed and charged back to the correct business unit. Click here for more information on the Category Manager, and tagging resources.


User Management

Finally, Cloudyn has expanded its user management feature, to include two different types of users:

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