Where Do DevOps Hang Out Online?

February 27 2014 | by Jonathan Nimrodi Cloud Cost Management

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A couple of weeks ago we posted that in contrast to the general consensus about DevOps being part of a culture, there is an emerging group of professionals that see DevOps as Engineers. Those engineers are described as excellent communicators, detail oriented, learners, and pragmatic team players. All those characteristics don’t really sum up to an “engineer” role, but more as soft-skills. We suggested a different title for the job: “DevOps Evangelist” in an attempt to give DevOps roles a more cultural/educational sound.

In this post we dive deeper into the culture of DevOps, trying to define their online and social media behavior. So, say you’re trying to find DevOps, Where should you look? Here’s a list of places to get you started:

For professional queries:
Most of DevOps come from development (the “Dev” in DevOps), and so in general the best places to look for them are software forums and websites. Jesse Robbins, credited with being one of the people who created the DevOps movement says that in general, DevOps communities work like other successful open source communities, which started as subgroups focusing on specific project, sharing code via email and wikis.  Over time these subgroups have formed to differentiate people based on need and activity. Robbins highlights GitHub as a great place to find people (both Dev and Ops-focused) who contribute to DevOps projects. StackOverflow and Slashdot are also known as great places to find and get support from DevOps at various levels.

On Social Media platforms:

devops opnetack meme cloudynDevOps on Twitter:
Twitter is probably not the best place where one can actually resolve a conflict or a contentious technical issue. However, there are several popular DevOps accounts Which are worth a “Follow”, such as Patrick Debois, Gene KimChefJeff Bar, Gareth Rushgrove, Kris Buytaert, Jordan SisselDockerSoftLayerSanjeev SharmaEucalyptus and DevOps Borat.

DevOps on Linkedin:
There are more than a few active Linkedin groups which are DevOps oriented. The most active ones are DevOps, DevOps Professionals and DevOps at Scale. These groups focus on defining DevOps, interesting reads, meetups and on occasion – technical questions.

DevOps on Facebook:
It seems that DevOps don’t really hang out on Facebook. Especially not for “work” purposes. There aren’t any really active and successful DevOps groups on Facebook. Moreover, most DevOps we interviewed told us that they spend less than 20% of their time on social networks on Facebook.

devops community cloudyn google plusDevOps on Google+:
As Google’s social network expands, the DevOps movement grows on the network. “DevOps Rock Stars” is our community for DevOps discussions, configuration management issues and jokes. Why not join it right now?

DevOps as Gamers
“Devops Engineer” is a job title widely popular among game development companies seeking large-scale online infrastructure development developers. These jobs are considered very appealing to DevOps, who, from what we’ve learned, are pretty hard core gamers. We’re talking console first-person shooters and even classic Mario Bros lovers. I found that some DevOps prefer to spend their spare-time playing video games rather than bouncing on and off social platforms. If they go online on their spare time, they browse Kotaku and Gamespot.

gamers for online devops

If you’re looking to meet people from the DevOps community in person, there are a few conferences like the ones organized by Velocity and DevOps Conferences, and a ton of DevOps related meetups. Failed to find a meetup in your area? Why not create one yourself?

If you’d like to read more about DevOps, check out our eBook that recaps four of our most read DevOps blog posts:

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