Enterprises can now regain control of their cloud environments by using Cloudyn’s Enterprise Edition. It enables IT
and finance managers to monitor, optimize and analyze cloud usage and cost trends, allocate cloud costs and enable chargeback/showback at any level in the enterprise hierarchy, facilitating cloud accountability across multiple cost entities.

Solution Highlights

  • Hierarchical (N-level) enterprise cost entity management
  • Visibility at any granularity – from aggregated enterprise view down to a single resource or user
  • Role-based as well as entity-based access and viewing permissions
  • Accurate and reliable cost allocation for facilitating chargeback/showback
  • Powerful optimization engine for maintaining a cost-efficient deployment
  • Supports all major public cloud vendors, as well as OpenStack-based private clouds

Hierarchical Customer Management

Enterprises IT departments can now gain aggregated high-level visibility of their hybrid and multi-cloud deployments as well as drill down the enterprise hierarchy into the different cost entities. This is done through a self-service enterprise portal in Cloudyn, which enables the configuration of multiple cost entities and sub-entities in an N-level hierarchy. Cloud accounts are attributed to their corresponding cost entities and can be ported between entities with a simple drag and drop operation. Enterprise cost entity hierarchy can be configured on Cloudyn Enterprise Edition in a matter of minutes, and further additions or changes to the structure are easily done through a user-friendly GUI.

Role-Based Access and Viewing Permissions

Each cost entity is provided with a view of its (and only its) cloud usage and costs through entity-based access and viewing permissions which are configured at the management (top) level. This gives them the autonomy to view, manage and optimize their own cloud usage and costs, creating involvement and accountability at every level in the enterprise rather than only by the corporate IT department, while ensuring each entity has access only to its own data.

Accurate and Reliable Cost Allocation

In order to streamline IT operations and promote full adoption of cloud services in the enterprise, a granular chargeback/showback mechanism must be employed. Cloudyn’s innovative Cost Allocation 360°engine enables corporate IT departments to produce reliable and accurate cost allocation reports at any level in the enterprise hierarchy while accounting for all cloud costs, including those which are naturally unallocatable (support, data transfer, Reserved Instances, and more).

Powerful Cost Optimization Engine

Enterprises strive to maintain lean, efficient cloud deployments in order to maximize profitability and business performance. This efficiency must be maintained at the enterprise high-level, as well as at the different cost entity levels.

Cloudyn Enterprise Edition boasts a powerful optimization engine, which constantly seeks for inefficiencies and provides actionable recommendations for maintaining the most cost-efficient deployment. This is done through right-sizing of underutilized cloud resources and recommendations for pricing model modifications, which may be more cost-effective for the enterprise (such as Reserved Instances in AWS) and comparison between
different cloud vendors’ pricing to find the most cost-effective deployment.