A cloud efficiency index that uses big data analysis to develop a comprehensive industry benchmark of cloud efficiency across all clouds.


Cloudyn is a leader in cloud business management, enabling enterprises to take informed business decisions regarding their cloud strategy. We believe that both cloud technology and enterprise companies have reached a point that requires, and even demands, a deeper solution for business problems. One of the ways we enable our customers is via a recently announced offering, CloudynDex

Currently monitoring over 15% of total global cloud spend including over 400,000 concurrent virtual machines, we have access to vast amounts of cloud data including usage, cost and performance metrics which give us high level insights, and the ability to track industry trends.

In addition, our customers will receive additional value add by collecting and aggregating this data to create a performance index. This index assigns each customer with a score based on its cloud efficiency compared to other companies in its cluster (groups of companies with similar cloud usage patterns and efficiency levels). Cloudyn customers will also receive suggestions and insights into ways to improve their cloud efficiency ranking.

Along with providing visibility into multiple clouds KPIs (consumption, cost, usage, performance, lifecycle) that has impact on business decisions, Cloudyn delivers a unified taxonomy and view of all your clouds, in a single pane of glass as well as a true-BI, ad-hoc data analysis for any combination of dimensions and cloud KPIs.

CloudynDex provides intelligent recommendations for continuous deployment optimization. Clients receive insights on how to improve their efficiency vis-a-vis themselves and vis-a-vis the industry. This also allows customers to track and improve their cloud efficiency index over time.


CloudynDex can be used for:

  • Enabling companiesto compare their cloud efficiency to those of peers in the same cluster, and measure changes over time

  • Identifying different clusters of companies with similar cloud usage patterns

  • Providing customers with actionable recommendations on how they can optimize their cloud consumption, improve practices and reach higher efficiency and maturity levels

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