Cloudyn for MSP and Reseller

Cloudyn offers a multi-cloud business management solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Resellers who provide cloud monitoring, value added and management services for their customers.

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Comprehensive Cloud Business Management

Get cloud brokering value-added services

The functionality and value that Cloudyn provides for enterprise customers is now also available for MSPs, CSPs and Resellers.
Cloudyn also provides the capability to:

  • Manage and monitor the consumption, cost and profitability of your end-customers
  • Provide your customers with visibility into their enterprise-grade n-tier hierarchy
  • Support any value-chain business model (n-tiers, distributor, reseller)
  • Guarantee full data segregation through Cloudyn’s multi-tenant application
  • Implement control policies and consumption limits through reports and alerts
  • Enable specific discounts and surpluses per end-customer
  • Provide end-customers with custom-build cost allocation methods
  • Offer a custom-built portal to manage your customers’ subscriptions and billing
  • Give VAS to your end-customers in the guise of visibility, accountability and optimization

Cloudyn for Azure CSP partners is here!

Manage Microsoft cloud users and increase profit margins


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