Azure Cost Management licensed by Cloudyn, a Microsoft subsidiary, manages and optimizes multi-platform clouds by enabling full visibility and accountability, packaged with continuous optimization across all clouds. Supported platforms include Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

Manage end-customer deployments, support custom pricing models, manage subscription and billing portals while improving margins with more Value Added Services (VAS).

MSPs, Resellers & Azure CSPs Enterprises

MSP, Resellers &
Azure CSP Benefits

  • Manage end-customers’ subscriptions and accounts
  • Support billing portal functionality
  • Present details of custom charges, custom markups and discounts
  • Offer cloud visibility, accountability and optimization as VAS

End-Customer Benefits

  • Gain granular, real-time visibility into cloud
    consumption, cost and performance
  • Empower cloud accountability through accurate cost
    allocation and chargeback
  • Optimize and streamline cloud consumption for
    efficient cloud growth

“Solution Providers rely on Westcon-Comstor for ways to optimize Microsoft cloud workloads and simplify operations from order through service management. Cloudyn is a critical part of or BlueSky cloud services aggregation and management platform and helps us to provide solution providers with a way to deliver optimized cloud workloads and streamlined billing to end-customers.”

Joe Tieu, Senior Director-Cloud Practice, Westcon-Comstor (March 2017)

Comprehensive Cloud Business Management

Get Cloud Brokering Value Added Services

The functionality & value that Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn provides for enterprise customers is available for MSPs, Resellers & Azure CSPs:

  • Manage and monitor end-customers’ consumption,
    cost and profitability
  • Get visibility into enterprise-grade n-tier hierarchy
    per end-customer
  • Support any value-chain business model (n-tiers,
    direct, indirect, partner, distributor)
  • Guarantee full data segregation through Azure Cost
    Management’s multi-tenant application
  • Enable specific discounts and surpluses per end-customer
  • Implement control policies and consumption limits
    through reports and alerts
  • Provide preferred cost allocation methods to
  • Manage end-customers’ subscriptions and billing via
    custom-built portal
  • Offer Azure Cost Management’s visibility, accountability
    and optimization capabilities as VAS



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