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Cloudyn and Scalr Partnership Delivers First Integrated Management Platform For Cloud Optimization

Cloudyn, the leader in cloud optimization and Scalr, trailblazers in cloud deployment and automation, have partnered to enable integration of cost and infrastructure management.

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Cloudyn Introduces Reserved Instance Calculator to Eliminate Guesswork and Personalize Long-Term Resource Provisioning

Cloud users will no longer have to guess what they need for reserved instances with a new calculator from Cloudyn. The independent, advanced tool provides users with an accurate calculation of how many reserved instances, which type of instance and for what period of time they should purchase reserved instances to meet their operational requirements, all enabling them to reduce their cloud costs.

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Cloudyn Data Provides Insight into Cloud Usage

Cloudyn today unveiled data collected by its heuristics-based solution and from one-one conversations with key customers about trends in cloud usage and spending. The information supports current market thinking about cloud utilization and provides insights into how cloud customers are managing their costs.

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Cloudyn Whitepaper: “The Great Hope of Cloud Economics and the Over-Provisioning Epidemic”

Cloudyn published a new whitepaper that outlines how organizations can maximize their cloud investment and dynamically optimize the balance between operational and financial objectives of using the cloud. In the whitepaper

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