Cash in on the new MSP business model

Get ahead of the managed IT game. MSPs managing aggregated AWS capacity can now easily monitor and optimize cloud consumption as well as maximize ROI for you and your customers.

Cloudyn makes it super-easy for MSPs to manage multiple customer deployments from a single dashboard. By visualizing cost, usage and savings opportunities, you can allocate cost and calculate profit margins across the entire custom base.

Upgrade your operational IT services and become a cloud financial broker by adding the following capabilities to your managed service portfolio:

  • Aggregated monitoring and optimization
  • Bulk purchasing across customer base
  • Unused capacity reselling

Use Cloudyn’s MSP platform to:

  • Buy cloud resources at ‘wholesale’ rates and resell the capacity
  • Secure the best AWS deals for you and your customers
  • Show your customers actionable insights based on access level
    (e.g. usage, cost and trending)
  • Slice and dice data to optimize deployments per customer or by group

Your customers will love your new level of service, Amazon will shower you with reduced rates, and you’ll see bottom line results.

20-day Cloud ROI Guaranteed!

We’re so confident you’ll fall in love with Cloudyn and see dramatic ROI, we’re offering a 20-day free trial. Follow our actionable recommendations to increase your cloud ROI.

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