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Add Azure to your multi-cloud strategy

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud, recognized for its security, privacy and compliance. It supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments, which are often the chosen course of large enterprises in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure is currently the fastest growing cloud service provider in the market. It is constantly rolling out new services, extending functionality, dropping prices and announcing new pricing and usage schemes. Cloudyn ensures that you keep up with these fast market changes while keeping full visibility into your Azure cloud deployment in a continuous optimized process for highest cloud efficiency.

In addition to Azure, Cloudyn supports AWS, Google Cloud, Openstack and cloud containers from a single dashboard.

Cloudyn supports Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners program, equipping Azure users with crucial cloud usage and cost optimization services in order to manage their cloud investments and realize their full cloud potential.

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The Cloudyn solution is fully integrated with Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS)  and with Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

Azure Stack support is coming soon.

“The only way for your enterprise to be successful in your deployment is via full accountability and full efficiency. Cloudyn enables this process”.

James Staten, Chief Cloud Strategist, Equinix, Microsoft, Forrester

Your Azure cloud managed and optimized

Gain real-time VISIBILITY to your Azure Cloud environment

  • Keep track of upfront compute commitments and fees compared with actual consumption
  • Reconcile prepay commitments with billing payments
  • Verify EA discounts with actual bills
  • Stay on top of expiring resources and agreements

Empower enterprise-wide cloud ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Enable accurate cost allocation and chargeback across your enterprise entities including subscriptions, accounts, departments and cost centers
  • Implement your own cost allocation method – blended/average/normalized rates, CPP (Compute Pre-Purchase) autonomous rates, or any other policy of your choice
  • Assure CPP autonomy – Assign zero costs to CPP owners and add On-Demand costs to the departments which used external/borrowed CPPs
  • Track Azure Resource Manager (ARM) groups’ tags for simplified cost allocation

Drive Azure Cost Management and OPTIMIZATION

  • Monitor your VMs’ performance-to-price ratio and receive actionable recommendations to maximize usage
    • Receive recommendations on switching from On-Demand to CPP VMs for cost effective growth
    • Reveal underutilized VMs and receive recommendations on how to reallocate workloads
    • Get recommendations on where to switch from standard to low priority VMs for cost effectiveness
    • Learn how to downsize, consolidate or terminate low usage VMs
  • Calculate your most cost-effective upfront monetary and usage commitment
  • Release unused Reserved IP addresses of stopped instances
  • Dispose unattached block-blob storage volumes
  • Apply changes directly through the Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS) API

Platforms we support

Cloudyn fully complies with the Azure Cloud Services platform, including support for Azure CSP. Learn more.

Cloudyn supports AWS cloud solutions platform, including all the features involved in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) technology.

Cloudyn supports Google Cloud Platform, leveraging the latest innovative abilities of Google cloud monitoring tools.

Click here for more information on Cloudyn’s multi-cloud cost management solution.


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