Cloudyn Launches Innovative Cloud Usage and Cost Optimization Service: CloudynDex, an Industry Benchmark for Cloud Efficiency; and Announces Its Container Strategy with Initial Support for AWS ECS

Cloudyn to feature live demonstrations at AWS re:Invent, Booth #2225

AWS re:Invent, LAS VEGAS – November 28, 2016 – Cloudyn, the leading provider of hybrid and multi-cloud management and optimization solutions for enterprises and MSPs (Managed Service Providers), today announced two new innovative services that support the increasing significance of cloud cost as a primary operational metric. As more enterprises adopt and strategically deploy hybrid and multi-clouds, cloud management and optimization have become crucial to identifying performance and efficiency issues.

CloudynDex – Provides an industry benchmark for cloud efficiency. Cloudyn customers may receive insights into their own performance, as well as actionable recommendations to improve efficiency by optimizing cloud usage and spend

Cloudyn’s Container Strategy – Cloudyn sees strategic importance in providing full visibility, accountability and continuous optimization for containerized deployments. Initially supporting AWS EC2 Container Services (ECS), Cloudyn monitors, analyzes and projects container performance and cost, assesses containerized deployment efficiency and generates optimization recommendations

“While the public cloud providers’ marketing campaigns focus on ease of use, procurement, and provisioning, plus low prices, managing cloud costs is anything but simple as enterprises expand their use within and across platforms,” wrote Dave Bartoletti and Sophia Vargas in a recent Forrester report. “Greater price transparency has given customers more visibility and leverage, but the constant stream of new services, price cuts, discount tiers, and pre-purchase options hasn’t made cost tracking easier. Indeed, cloud pricing is as complex today as any traditional enterprise software agreement — and it’s getting worse.”*


Cloudyn monitors more than 15 percent of total worldwide cloud spend, including more than 400,000 concurrent virtual machines. It has access to vast amounts of cloud data, such as usage, cost and performance metrics. Using big-data analysis based on this aggregated information, Cloudyn has developed CloudynDex, a comprehensive industry benchmark for cloud efficiency. CloudynDex can beused for two different purposes:

● Industry Cloud Efficiency Benchmark to generate high-level insights and track industry trends

● Customer Cloud Performance Index to provide each customer with a deeper understanding of their own absolute and relative performance, along with actionable recommendations to improve their cloud efficiency

High-level Industry Insights

Cloudyn collects terabytes of cloud data each month. Dissecting this valuable data in different ways uncovers a number of new cloud-related trends, including:

● The percentage of IaaS within the total cloud spend of AWS customers monitored by Cloudyn dropped from 76.6% in 2013 to 65.8% in 2016. During the same period, AWS launched hundreds of new higher-level PaaS services.



Customers can monitor, compare and improve their own cloud efficiency

Aimed at helping enterprises achieve high cloud efficiency and increased competitiveness, CloudynDex determines a company’s cloud efficiency by unbiased clustering analysis and machine learning based on resource utilization, average cost of compute power, performance extrapolation, activity-based costing and business metrics. It enables customers to:

● Compare their performance and cloud efficiency with the industry’s distribution

● Compare themselves with the distribution of other unnamed Cloudyn customers with similar cloud deployment architectures

● Generate actionable recommendations, such as the highest-ROI activities available based on market best practices

● Monitor and track progress of their performance and cloud efficiency over time


“While enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud and using a mix of cloud services, our aggregated data shows that most enterprises are still slow to achieve cloud maturity. Quick adoption leads to inefficiencies,” said Vittaly Tavor, Co-Founder and Vice President of Products, Cloudyn. “Our goal is to enable our customers to achieve high cloud efficiency, thus increasing their cloud confidence and further justifying and extending their investment in the cloud.”

Cloudyn’s Container Strategy with initial support for AWS ECS

Containerized deployment popularity has grown significantly over the past two years and may be viewed today as an emerging trend. However, the resulting cost impact is difficult to evaluate and often unclear. Existing solutions for container cluster and lifecycle management are unable to provide analysis and insight into cost and cost allocation, optimization and the efficient utilization of cloud resources.

Cloudyn launched its Container Strategy, with initial support for AWS ECS, in response to growing customer demand for visibility into the cost performance and utilization of container implementations. Capabilities include:

● Analyzing and predicting cost impact of re-architecture of traditional deployment to containerized deployment

● Monitoring, analyzing and projecting container costs over time

● Assessing efficiency of containerized deployment

● Analyzing container cluster usage and generating actionable optimization recommendations

● Right-sizing to avoid under-allocation or over-allocation

“Cloudyn has a proud history of leading the market with significant initiatives that improve overall cloud efficiency for business results,” said Sharon Wagner, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudyn. “Our container strategy is in response to growing customer need, while CloudynDex answers customer questions about how well they are performing, relative to the industry and relative to themselves over time. Both offerings are advancing an emerging space that addresses the impact of cloud on the bottom line.”

For more information and a demonstration of CloudynDex and Cloudyn’s Container Strategy with initial support for AWS ECS, please visit Cloudyn at Booth #2225, at AWS re:Invent, or contact Cloudyn here.

About Cloudyn

Cloudyn is an enterprise-grade, SaaS solution that pioneered the single-pane-of-glass approach to managing and optimizing multi-platform, hybrid cloud environments. Supporting Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, OpenStack and Docker, Cloudyn delivers measurable cloud success by enabling full visibility and accountability packaged with continuous optimization across all clouds. The solution provides insights into usage, performance and cost, coupled with actionable recommendations for smart cloud optimization. Cloudyn enables accountability through comprehensive cost allocation and management, helping enterprises get to cloud ROI more rapidly. Thousands of global customers rely on Cloudyn, including Fortune 500 leaders across all major market verticals.

Visit Cloudyn at or follow the company on Twitter @Cloudyn_Buzz.

*”Understand Public Cloud Pricing Strategies To Save Money Today And Tomorrow,” Forrester

Research, Inc., May 11, 2016.

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